he meaning of “freelance” has shifted. What once was a lonely endeavor is now a little less lonely with the idea of freelance studios - bands of 2-10 amazing freelancers leaning on each other to bid & out-pitch agencies.

Going Solo as a Freelancer

When you first take the leap into freelancing, it may be daunting. But there are a few rules of thumb to make sure you get off on the right foot.

  • Set up an LLC
  • Let all of your professional contacts know that you’re now freelancing. Don’t just post it on LinkedIn or Twitter. Send out personalized emails to all of your contacts. They’ll appreciate you for it and be more open to bringing leads your way.
  • Be open to new ways of working. Try out all sorts of tools and products that will help you freelance like a pro.
  • Make sure your portfolio sets you up for success. Make it easy for potential clients to see all your best work and request to chat with you. The Coworkly Greeting Link is a great way to grease the wheels.

Tips for Starting/Joining a Freelance Studio

There are all sorts of communities you can join, like Freelance Collective and all sorts of freelance slack channels. The best approach is to reach out directly and make authentic connections:

  • Research & Follow your favorite designers & freelance studios on social media
  • Like & comment on their posts on Instagram, Dribbble, & LinkedIn
  • When you feel like you’ve made an authentic attempt to engage them, try reaching out letting them know how much you love their work & that you’re open to collaborating if any projects come up. Share your portfolio with them!
  • Continue to build relationships & support fellow freelancers. It will come back around!
  • When you’ve built up a big enough network, start to bring in your connections on project leads, pitching bigger & better scopes every time
  • When you have a few projects under your belt with small groups of creatives, it may be beneficial to make it official. Meet with your connections and pitch starting a Freelance Studio together.
  • Build a website & announce your new partnership to the world!

We’ll continue to produce more in-depth content on how to start a freelance studio, run your creative consulting business, and win freelance design jobs. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out Coworkly to see if it can help your creative business thrive!


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