ne of the best traits of all top freelance designers is that they’ve figured out which platforms and tools help them automate the most stressful parts of their work life. And it’s not enough just to use a tool like Wetransfer to manage your asset uploads. The secret is mastering how all of your tools work together to automate your business admin, payments, and workflow. 

Are you just starting to freelance? Or maybe you’re an experienced freelancer looking to organize your work life a bit more? Either way, here are a few tools that will change your life. 

1. Dribbble Pro for Portfolio Management 🗂️

The pro version of Dribbble has a lot of neat features for showing off your work & getting noticed by potential clients.

You can schedule “shots” ahead of time, see stats on who’s viewing your work, and personalize your portfolio in front of hundreds of thousands of brands. It’s excellent for exposure and you get the extra perk of joining a community of great creatives. 

2. Figma for Creative Proposals 🗳️

Figma is one of the BEST design tools to come out of the creative tech boom. It’s a top-notch platform for professional designers because it’s good for all kinds of design. It’s especially snappy for quick mockups and creating beautiful custom proposals for your clients. Since it has all the power of Indesign, Sketch, and Miro, you’re able to produce shareable presentations that look extremely professional. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

3. 🎯 Coworkly for Bookable Scopes of Work & Payments

Coworkly is extremely powerful because it gives freelancers a checkout flow and expectation management tool that they never had before. It makes you way more bookable as a freelance designer, blending what used to be many different tools (invoicing, scope creators, e-signatures, and calendar tools) into one seamless flow. But stackable with your other tools if you love them!With Coworkly, you’re able to create beautiful scopes of work that you share directly with clients for them to easily review, book, and pay for.

4. Catch.co for Benefits 🤙

Freelancing can be really stressful and it’s all up to you to make sure you’re saving enough. That’s why if you’re not using Catch.co, you definitely should be.

It’s a super seamless way to set up automatic payments into savings, quarterly taxes, retirement funds, and health plans. It's a quick and easy set-up - try it out

Setting up your work life

There are MANY tools out there for freelancers. These four tools mentioned above will help you set up a professional workflow that eases your stress, wins over clients you want, and plans for the future. 


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