id a big agency or brand reach out for some time-boxed work? If you're a design consultant, check out this email template that makes sure you cover the basics about your availability, expectations, rate, and payment preferences as a design consultant. Hot Tip: Bump up your base rate & then offer a discount for faster payment. See below👇

Things you need to change are bolded and in brackets.

Email Template

Hi {Client First Name},

Thanks so much for reaching out! I’d love to work with you on this project. It looks like I’m available, but feel free to check out my rates, availability, and services {here}!

When you’re ready, you can request to book my project calendar {here} & I’ll send a custom scope of work/quote for you to officially book.

As a general rule of thumb, my day/hourly rate is {$XXX.XX}. However, I like to give my clients a 10% discount if they’re able to pay within 15 days of my invoice. Does that sound like something you’d be able to do? If so, I could set my rate to {Rate with Discount} per day/hour.

Again, really appreciate you thinking of me for this. Looking forward to working with you!


{Your Name}


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